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Last updated on Mar 23 at 10:13am GMT

Libreture is working well on the new server. Bugs resulting from the move have been fixed, but if you do spot anything, please let us know -> See the Get in Touch button up there! Happy Reading, Kevin
121 days ago
Twitter updates
libreturestatus Jan 03 at 09:43pm GMT

Uploads working again!

Thanks for your patience, and happy reading. πŸ’œ

libreturestatus Jan 03 at 03:17pm GMT

Current issue with uploading books. πŸͺ² (One job, right!)

The bug seems to linked to the new metadata fields we're adding. Will get sorted very soon.

Thanks for your patience. πŸ‘

libreturestatus Nov 21 at 10:49am GMT

No downtime this week! πŸ₯³

libreturestatus Oct 18 at 07:36pm BST

404 Error on Activity page was fixed quickly. Thanks for your patience.

libreturestatus Oct 03 at 12:10pm BST

Getting a weird 404 Error on the public Activity page.πŸ€”

Individual activity pages are fine.

Thanks for your patience - more info soon!

libreturestatus Sep 08 at 03:41pm BST

Zip Upload Report working again! πŸͺ²πŸ₯ΎπŸ‘

When uploading a Zip file of books, you will now receive an e-mail report of what was uploaded, and if there were any issues.πŸ“¨

libreturestatus Aug 31 at 10:28pm BST

Zip Uploads working again. βœ…

Thanks for your patience. As well as batches of individual files, you can now upload books collected into zip files for easier uploading.

Happy Reading!πŸ“šπŸ’œ

libreturestatus Aug 29 at 08:57pm BST

Still an issue with uploading zip-compressed collections of ebooks.

Ashley is on the case! 🐞πŸ₯Ύ

libreturestatus Aug 13 at 03:28pm BST

Mobi upload bug FIXED!

Thanks for your patience. Happy reading!

libreturestatus Aug 13 at 12:53pm BST

Bug with uploading Mobi files right now.

Will have it working again soon! Thanks for your patience.